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What we do

We are driven financial advisors.

We do not adhere to conventional planning just because the masses do. For you, we search for better. We work to shift the paradigm and the results in your favor.


New Financial Paradigm

We help you plan for the improbable to the 'is-likely'. We help you define what you want to happen and we take every opportunity to understand your why. We shift the paradigm from “what every advisor recommends – conventional financial thinking” to “what’s the best way” to help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Lifetime Financial Discipline

Discipline guides people to success. Since your goal is a lifetime of financial success, we’ve created a lifetime financial discipline for you and us to follow. It keeps us focused on your ideal outcomes, not the noise surrounding your plan or short-term events, nor emotional influence. Our LFD starts with “Protection, First & Forever”. 

We build from there.

Get a preview of our Lifetime Financial Discipline


Optimal Personal Economy

We Help You Plan For Your Optimal Personal Economy.
Most people understand their simple financial circumstances and opportunities; where they create wealth versus spend wealth. Most people take a ledger type of view; input versus output. We look at each input and output and all of their influences. Your personal economy is knowing what matters, what impacts you and what doesn't.  

  • Why do you work?
  • How long will you be capable of working?
  • Will you earn more or less in the future?
  • Will your kids or parents need you or your financial support?
  • Are your business and career ventures likely to pan out and when?
  • What’s your relationship with money? Why?
  • Do you actually plan on retiring, or will you be working part time? Why?
  • Is down-sizing your home an option and if so, to where and at what lifestlye cost?
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